Indonesian’s fishery sector strong in export destinations

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Jakarta – | Indonesian fishery products are exempted from tariffs, such as shrimp products, but the government still has to give warning to traders to notice the export destinations for non-tariff measures. If (Indonesian fishery products) enter for export destination, Indonesian traders have to fulfill requirements, meet expectations for that. The agreement which has been implemented such as the one of Japan destination, zero tariff has been effective. “HS (harmonized system) Code varies according to the products. Each country has different trade rules and regulations. “So they (traders) have to know the procedure to achieve good result,” said the Indonesian Trade Ministry’s director for forest and agriculture products, Sulistyawati

Indonesian shrimp in export market has been known to compete with another exporting countries such as Thailand, Vietnam. Besides that, Indonesian shrimp products achieve the highest dollar value in Indonesian global shipments during the years. But the government implement restriction and prohibition (in Indonesia, the measure is known as ‘Lartas’, shortened of Larangan dan Pembatasan) for export, trader must apply for special requirements. All types of fisheries are zero tariff, except coral, sea horse of which traders have to apply for export license for approval. “They have to apply for approval from the technical ministry, (namely) Environment and Forestry Ministry. The quota, its habitat must be stated for approval,” she said during TComm (Trobos Communication) Outlook Conference on Fishery 2020 in Jakarta (27/2)

The goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed Officials. The export-controlled types of goods are the goods where the exports can only be conducted by exporters with export approval from Minister of Trade or appointed officials (specific exporter). A good is export-controlled because of consideration for maintaining the balance of domestic supply to avoid interruption of domestic consumption. “Export-controlled goods through CITES (the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora) implies trade regulation in which (export license for) approval will be issued by Indonesian Trade Ministry,” said Sulistyawati (SL)

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